Emali: Residents Seek Government Intervention to Stop Land-Grabbing

Residents of Kinyoo, Emali, and Kibwezi in Makueni County under the Kinyoo Farmers Association and Society, have raised their voices against the looming threat of land grabbing in the region.

The concerned community members are appealing to both the national government and the County government of Makueni for immediate intervention to protect their land from being unlawfully seized.

The Kinyoo Farmers Association and Society, representing the interests of the residents, expressed their apprehensions over potential land grabbing by individuals with whom they have been embroiled in ownership disputes. Despite several legal battles, the community remains concerned that their hard-won victories might be jeopardized if the government does not step in to secure their land rights.

“We have been grappling with disputes involving various groups, and all these cases are currently in court. Last year, we successfully won a case, but the threat persists. What we urgently need from the government, especially the county government of Makueni, is assistance in surveying the land. This will ensure a fair distribution, allowing each individual to claim their rightful share and contribute to the development of our community,” stated the spokesperson for the Kinyoo Farmers Association and Society.

The residents emphasized that the surveying process is crucial in establishing clear land boundaries, thereby mitigating potential conflicts and providing a foundation for equitable land use. They are hopeful that this proactive measure will bring an end to the ongoing disputes and pave the way for sustainable development in the region.

The community members are now seeking answers from their local leaders, including the Governor of Makueni County. They implore the authorities to prioritize the land surveying process, emphasizing its role in fostering harmony and prosperity within the community.

As the issue gains attention, residents remain optimistic that the government will respond promptly to their plea, ensuring the protection of their land rights and fostering an environment conducive to growth and development in Kinyoo, Emali, and Kibwezi.

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