Matuu Wendano members call for CS Kindiki intervention over land dispute

Members of Matuu Wendano Limited Company have called on Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof. Kithure Kindiki to intervene in their land dispute.

Led by their Chairman James Mwangangi Mwovi the members who had demonstrated to the Matungulu Assistant County Commisioner’s office said that the ACC one Evelyn Wekesa had been a nightmare to them.

Mwangangi alleged that the ACC was in bed with the people that had stolen their properties and she was using the police to bar them from accessing their land something they would not condone.

The irate members called on CS Kindiki to intervene and transfer the ACC from Matungulu Subcounty failure to which they would come to his office and air out their issues.

“We have suffered a lot as members of Matuu Wendano Company Limited. Instead of Madam ACC Evelyn Wekesa giving us security she is busy denying us entry to our land using the police. CS Kindiki please intervene because we are tired of being harassed,” said Mwovi.

“Today police have unleashed tear gas on old men and women just because they want to see their land. For how long shall we suffer? We have the right to access our land and those people who are calling themselves Directors they need to vacate our land we do not know them,” he added.

Mauvoo News spoke to Evelyn Wekesa Matungulu ACC who said that she had no involvement in the land as a court order had been issued on the land which she was enforcing.

She further went on to tell the people who were accusing her of not giving them an audience to come up with evidence noting that she was sent by the Government to work not to harass residents.

“I don’t think it is me who is restricting them from entering the land it is the law. There is a court order and it is specific to OCS Donyo Sabuk and in this case, as a DC I have my security team that handles matters land,” said Wekesa.

“When they say I barred them from their land, I am not barring them from the land. If it is a point of interpreting the court order, I believe this team has a counsel to assist them to understand and even go back in court. These people came to my office on Wednesday 11th and we had a security meeting and we told them to wait so we can address them and we did so and they came to my office and even signed my visitor’s book,” she added.

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