Sifuna cautions Wiper leaders forcing Raila to endorse Kalonzo

ODM Secretary General and Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna has warned Wiper leaders to remain calm and to cease forcing Raila to endorse Kalonzo in 2027.

Speaking during the funeral of the wife to county ODM chairman Peter Mutulu held at Katangi, Sifuna said ODM leaders abominate when Raila is forced to make certain decisions.

Ile kitu hatupendi ni kuona Baba akisukumwa .Mkianza kusuma Baba sisi watu wa ODM tutasema achana na Mzee.” Stated Sifuna

Sifuna noted all Kenyans are expecting the Azimio coalition to take over the government in 2027. He advised Azimio leaders to avoid inciting rumors and incidences that would cause disunity among them.

Sifuna clarified ODM leaders follow instructions given by Raila alone and had advised Kalonzo prior to remain close to Raila and all shall be well.

Sisi watu wa ODM tunachukuaga instructions from only one center. Baba akisema left ama right tunaenda.” added Sifuna

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