Do not throw Kambas to Lake Victoria again – Kitui East MP to Kalonzo

Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai. (Photo -File)

Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai has called on Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka to lead the Kamba community to the coalition that will ensure that the community is not left out of the next government.

Mbai cautioned Kalonzo not to join Azimio la Umoja led by ODM leader Raila Odinga since Raila betrayed him two times and he should analyze well the coalition that he might back towards the August general election.

The Ruto ally also noted that Kalonzo is in the middle of a junction where it’s a matter of either getting the Kamba community to the government or making it stay at the opposition.

“I want to tell Kalonzo as his son that he is standing at the shore of Lake Victoria. Let him not lead the Kamba to the waters, let him take an about-turn and place the Kamba community where they should be. Raila has been deceiving him all through and if he tries to support him he will be fooled the third time so let him hold on and God will give him a breakthrough and help our community,” Mbai said.

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Mbai stated that if Kalonzo will accept to mislead the Kamba community again he will be blamed even by the coming generations, “The same way we are talking about Paul Ngei today is the same way our great-grandchildren will be talking about Kalonzo.”

The MP called upon the Kamba community to listen to all the politicians who will be asking them for support but God will give them the good leaders who will bring development to them. Mbai also warned Ukambani Governors led by Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu to stop pushing Kalonzo to support Azimio la Umoja.

“I want to ask Ukambani leaders, especially the three Governors to leave Kalonzo alone to make his own decision on which coalition he should support. They have done their work and we know how they performed in terms of development and let them stop boasting, Ngilu’s work we have seen it’s zero so let them leave Kalonzo.” He added.

During United Democratic Party NDC, Kalonzo said that they share a lot with Azimio La Umoja especially on unity hinting that talks were ongoing between OKA and Azimio.

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