Decomposing Body of Middle-Aged Man Found in Kangundo

In a chilling discovery, the decomposing body of a middle-aged man was on Saturday morning found in Kangundo, sending shockwaves through the community.

The body, which was in an advanced state of decomposition, presented a grim scene as some of its limbs were missing.

Locals who thronged the scene had challenges in identifying the deceased as his face was partly destroyed.

The body was discovered by boda boda riders who raised the alarm. The cause of death remains unknown, further deepening the mystery surrounding this tragic incident.

“When we reached the scene we found the body of the man which was already decomposing and had maggots coming out meaning the body had been there for long. We are requesting the police to come and take the body from the scene because it is emitting a foul smell and it’s not a sight to behold for anyone,” said a local, Steve Amani.

The residents also expressed shock and concern over the gruesome discovery, highlighting the need for increased security measures and vigilance in the area.

“We are also requesting the police to also commence investigations and unravel the cause of death of the man because we know they are able to,” another local noted.

By the time of reporting the police had not arrived at the scene but had been notified about the incident.

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