Bisengo recalls day Katombi switched off his microphone live on stage

Producer cum Singer Toby Bisengo has recounted how Benga gospel artist Alex Kasau Katombi humiliated him live on stage by switching off his microphone.

Bisengo recalled one day when they had a difference during a live show in which Katombi was a guest hosted by Dj Biado in a popular club in Nairobi. Before Katombi was welcomed to perform, Dj Biado welcomed Bisengo to greet the fans something that angered Katombi to switch off his microphone.

“There was a day I was coming from an event then I decided to pass by Montanna Lounge for a drink. I found that Bazu (Katombi) was to perform alongside other artists, before Bazu came to the stage my friend Biado requested me to come and greet people because he saw me seated,” Bisengo explained.

The Katolo hitmaker added that he was hesitant to go to the stage but Biado insisted that he should go on stage to greet his fans and so he accepted.

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“Biado is a pushy person so when he insisted I went on stage to greet the people. The fans were happy to see me and you know some people get drunk they can insist I play one song for them. They told me to play one of my songs but I refused,” the Katolo Hit maker said.

Bisengo told them that it was not his day to perform but they insisted and he had to sing one line to them. Little did he know that this had angered Alex Katombi to the point of coming to switch the microphone.

“When I decided to sing one line of my song, just before I finished Bazu was already on stage where he switched off the microphone I was using because the Public Address System they were using belonged to him. I didn’t talk to him because in my heart I knew that it was not good to do so to my fellow artist and in front of the fans,” Bisengo added.

The next day Bisengo texted Katombi to tell him that what he did was wrong because they were all artist and thus they should not differ in front of their fans. However, Katombi allegedly never apologized but he justified that Bisengo should not talk in an event meant for Katombi. Bisengo said that he kept quiet because he didn’t like unnecessary beef and had no personal issues with the Benga artist.

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