Athi River: 38-Year-Old Woman Found Dead In Her Bedroom

Sleuths in Athi River have launched investigations over the death of a 38-year-old woman Sheila Wegesha who was found dead at her house in Hill View Estate.

According to a police report seen by Mauvoo News, Sheila a Ohangla music dancer is suspected to have been murdered by the husband as where her body was lying there was a lot of blood and she had a deep cut on her throat.

The report stated that a resident in the estate is the one who made a report to Athi River Police station where the OCS and detectives rushed to the scene and found her lifeless body on her bed.

Her daughter aged 18 went in her mother’s room to give her food but was met with the body of her mother lying lifeless on her bed.

The deceased daughter noted that her father Jackson Bamboo had come out of the room earlier before she went in and he drove away.

“It was reported by Mr. Benjamin Masila a resident of Hill View estate within senior staff that there was a lifeless body lying at house no. 27 of the said estate Mr. BJ about 4kms north of the station. Police led by the OCS in the company of DCI Personell and the scene of crime Personell visited the scene where it was established that the lifeless body of a woman namely Sheila Odoyo a female adult aged 38 years was lying on a bed inside her bedroom with blood on the mattress and a visible deep cut on her throat, ” read the report.

” Her daughter namely Lindi Akinyi aged 18 years explained that she learned of the death of her mother at around 1300hrs while she had gone to serve her lunch. She further explained that their father namely Jackson Bambo a male adult aged 45 years left home at round 0100hrs driving motor vehicle reg no. KDM 798M MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER without saying anything to them, ” read the report.

The body of the deceased has been moved to the Shalom Community Hospital Morgue as investigations commence.

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