Machakos MCA and CEC Clash Over seniority at a funeral

Kalama Ward MCA Boniface Maeke and County Executive Member in the Department of Roads and Transport Rita Ndunge clashed over seniority at a funeral.

Maeke said that according to the protocols he was the one supposed to address the public last noting that he was more senior than the CEC.

“According to protocol, I should have called the minister to speak because here in Kalama I am the president but since you did not know that i was not going to call her to speak,” said Maeke.

“According to protocols, an MCA is senior to a minister but since we know each other, she is in the executive and since she is carrying the message of the governor she will speak last, “Maeke added.

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This did not go well with the CEC who woke up to address the matter noting that she was not of the ward level for her to be given a chance to speak before the MCA.

“Do I belong to the ward level? I represent the whole of Machakos County, there is something called protocol in this manner that even if am given the last chance to speak or the first the fact remains that a minister is superior to the MCA. Our jurisdiction is bigger than that of the MCA,” said Rita.

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