Maima breaks Stereotypes with new ‘Aka Ma Kangundo’ hit

Benga sensation Alphonce Kioko, popularly known as Maima, has once again captivated audiences with his latest hit, ‘Aka Ma Kangundo.’

 The song, eagerly anticipated by fans, delves into the stereotypes surrounding marrying a woman from Kangundo.

Maima’s melodious voice and catchy beats have always been a hallmark of his music, but this time, he takes a bold step by addressing societal perceptions head-on. 

In ‘Aka Ma Kangundo,’ he shares his personal experience and challenges the preconceived notions about Kangundo women being overly demanding and domineering.

The singer stressed on the fact that women have no difference despite the area they are coming from adding that in his home he is the only woman with a wife from Kangundo.

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“Women have no differences because I heard things from people about women from Kangundo that scared me. When I was a young man and made my intentions about marriage clear, I was told to avoid women from Kangundo,” Maima in the song says (translated)

“After asking my grandma if there is any difference between other women and those from Kangundo I was told that they are hard-headed and beat their men. I started fearing them not knowing that is here I will get a wife from,” he adds.

The track’s release was met with excitement and enthusiasm from fans who had been eagerly awaiting its debut. 

According to reactions on the song, Maima’s lyrics not only entertain but also provide a thoughtful reflection on cultural stereotypes, encouraging listeners to question and challenge these beliefs.

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