Furious Katombi hits back at Maima after release of ‘Mukau ni Ex wakwa’

Kamba Benga Artist Alex Kasau Katombi has hit back at Kithungo Raha Maima after he released a song dubbed Mukau ni Ex wakwa (Your wife is my ex).

In a Facebook post, Katombi told Maima that women should not be brought into a men’s fight. According to Katombi in the post, by the time he began dating Maima was not circumcised and there was no way his wife would be Maima’s ex.

Katombi was responding to Maima’s song which seemed to have rubbed him the wrong way. In the song, Mukau ni Ex wakwa, Maima says that he is a very calm and peaceful person.

“I always mind my business as I look for money Mashimo, I don’t like fights and quarrels. Do not mistake my silence to mean I am a fool, I’m a very knowledgeable person and I don’t like making noise because I’m not a boy,” Maima in the song says (translated).

Maima adds that his fans are witnesses and they know him as a celebrity who doesn’t have pride.

kamundu kaa ka kitui ungulasya ki Mashimo na nengi ndi wa Kitui, uyina tuwathi twaku Eka unizoea Mashimo ndi wa kwenyu… Wenda umanya ni munati kulya kasilingi ula wi nyumba kwaku kileleshwa ninye namuetie ilovi na namumya ushamba.” The song goes on.

Maima warns Katombi not to mistake him for Kasolo and other artists that he sings about and they remain silent cautioning that he is even ready for a physical fight and will beat Katombi together with his bouncers.

2 Weeks ago, Katombi hit out at Maima, Kasolo, and Kativui in his latest song ‘Wallet’. Missed the story? check it out below;

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