Yatta: School faces closure over dilapidated classes and Washrooms

Muusini Primary School in Mavoloni, Yatta Sub-county of Machakos County is facing closure due to its dilapidated classes and poor sanitation.

The school is now appealing to wellwishers to aid them in the construction of good classes as well as proper sanitation for the pupils.

Addressing the press the School’s Board of Management Chair Boniface Mutinda revealed that he has gotten a notice from the Ministry of Public Health concerning the closure of the school.

He revealed that the notice was based on the poor condition of the classrooms as well as the sanitation areas in the school.

The BOM Chair went on to call on Yatta Constituency MP Robert Basil Ngui to come to their aid so that they can continue keeping the learners in the school.

“This school was opened in 1988 and the classrooms have not been renovated. We have not received any projects from the NG-CDF for quite some time. My plea is our MP Robert Basil come and do a facelift for us so that we can continue brightening the future of our children,” said Mutinda.

The Head Teacher Mr. Kasungi noted that his efforts to get assistance from the MP’s office have been met with promises that are not fulfilled and his worry is when the long rains kick in the learners will have nowhere to call a classroom.

“These classes are not suitable for any learning to go on. My duty as the head of the school is to ensure the safety of my pupils and that is why am crying out for help from anyone we would really appreciate,” said the Head Teacher.

The school has a capacity of over 200 pupils and with the kind of classrooms and toilets, it is in dire need of renovations.

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