Yatta MP Blames Government for Lack of Development in Constituencies

Yatta MP Robert Basil has blamed the government for not releasing development funds to constituencies.

Speaking at Ikombe Ward in Yatta Sub-county Basil said that many MPs have not been able to do any projects in their constituencies because of the national government’s laxity.

“I told you when you elected me that if you had 5 goats you will have 10 by the time 5 years is over but now that has become a challenge because the national government is not releasing funds,” said Basil.

“We have not been given a dime for development and even you are lucky am doing some projects if you had elected someone who is relying on the government for funds there would be no development,” he added.

Basil went on to affirm that he was going to vote NO on the Finance Bill 2023 noting that instead of the government taxing Kenyans they should find ways to ensure that corruption has ended in the country.

“When that Finance Bill will be brought to Parliament I will be the first one to say it is not supposed to be discussed,” said Basil.

“Let them work on reducing wastage of resources in the country and a lot of corruption and when they do so they will have enough money to run the government,” he added

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