Yatta MP Decries Increasing Muguka Use Among Youths

Yatta MP Robert Ngui Basil has raised concerns over the increasing use of muguka among the youth in his constituency. 

During a recent meeting, Basil called on local leaders to take immediate action to combat this growing problem by supporting young people in acquiring skills and securing employment.

Basil highlighted that many youths are turning to muguka due to the stress and anxiety caused by unemployment.

“Our young people are resorting to muguka because they have too much on their minds and no jobs to keep them occupied,” he said.

Demonstrating his commitment to this cause, Basil announced that he has personally funded the fees for 381 youths to acquire skills at Yatta Vocational Center. 

He believes that equipping the youth with practical skills can lead to gainful employment and help them break free from the grip of muguka addiction and urged other leaders to follow suit.

He stressed the importance of providing practical solutions, such as vocational training and job creation programs, to help youths break free from the grip of muguka addiction. 

Basil urged leaders to collaborate and invest in initiatives that can offer young people a path to a brighter, more productive future.

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