Why Marrying some beautiful Kamba women means death

Unknown to many in the Kamba tradition there are women you can marry and sign your death warrant.

These women are known as ‘Mundumuka wa muiyo’ who are believed to be cursed and anyone marrying them will be followed by one tragedy after the other even death.

In a video explanation by Stella Mengele’s mum, these women have invisible marks that can only be seen by seers.

In the olden days, any man wishing to marry had to consult seers and witch doctors and get information about a certain woman before making her his wife.

“Mostly have an invisible mark that cannot be seen by the physical eye or some are visible but can only be interpreted by a seer,” she said.

Failure to consult or to believe after consulting would be met with weird happenings like accidents, loss of job, business loss, and death among other things.

She observed such a woman would also bring tragedy to the place of work and many would resort to being single mothers.

They are also very beautiful making it hard for men to resist them. However, they can be redeemed through prayers and deliverance.

“They are the altars identified by the gods that is why they cannot get married. Anyone getting married to them becomes an enemy to those gods that have marked her. Nowadays you may not know because people are getting married hastily and in secret,” she noted.

She confirmed that it is possible there are men with such traits but not spoken of.

“We know the African culture amplified women’s issues but covered those of men that is why we never discussed such men,” Stella Mengele’s mum went on.

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