Why I Couldn’t Jail Ngilu After she Messed Kitui – Senator Kiio

Kitui Senator Enoch Kiio Wambua has dismissed claims that he failed to ensure Governor Ngilu was jailed for not using Kitui county funds appropriately.

Kiio stated that many Kenyans have always thought that a Senator is the one who should be blamed for not taking action against a ‘corrupt Governor’ and in turn they blame the Senator for not representing them in the senate.

The senator said that Senate is a courtroom that determines cases but it makes oversight through a social audit and impeachment of the Governor only if there is evidence that the Governor has not done what is expected of them.

“Everybody knows that we tried impeaching Governor Ngilu because there was evidence that she had misused public resources of the people of Kitui and impeachment was a process hence I had no authority to jail the Governor. I can’t just wake up and say that I want to jail the Governor or take her to court,” Kiio said.

He revealed that impeachment starts at the county assembly and it is important for IEBC to educate Kenyans on the work of each of the elected political leaders from the members of the county assembly to the President.

“Impeachment from the County Assembly should proceed to the senate and when the senate approves impeachment then they proceed to court using impeachment as the evidence to recover what has been stolen by the Governor, it’s a process and that’s why it makes it hard to jail a Governor because other agencies like EACC are also used,” he added.

Kiio has been at the forefront of attacking the current Governor over what he terms as neglecting Kitui County and squandering people’s resources and at some point called on the people not to re-elect her. The senator spoke during a Kitui senatorial debate organized by a local FM station.

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