Mwingi Pastors to organize prayer rally to change Senator Kiio’s name

A section of Pastor’s from Mwingi led by Reverend Kimbu has openly called on the faithful to help them in praying for Kitui Senator Enoch Kiio Wambua.

“I want to call upon the few people who like talking the truth in our county, the truth is that improved health is a good thing but some people are always criticizing the good work done by Governor Ngilu. One person I want you people to help me in praying for is our Senator and change that name of Kiio.” Kimbu while speaking at the launch of Universal HealthCare in Kitui said.

The Mwingi pastor also questioned how the parents of the Senator ended up calling him such a name.

“There are many good names that one can call his child, I want you to go and investigate why he was called Kiio. When Governor started KICOTEC, the senator started crying as his name suggests, when she bought lorries to help the people of Kitui, Kiio started crying again. You can call your child a name and it turns out to be the character of the child,” Rev Kimbu went on.

The pastor also urged Kitui residents to organize for a mega crusade to come and pray for Senator Kiio, “I want to call him and if his parents are alive together with my bishops we are willing to change the name of the Senator to a good name.”

Governor Ngilu also hinted that she is ready to give Senator Kiio another good name to stop lamenting every time even when ‘good things’ are done for the people of Kitui.

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