Weatherman warns of Heavy Rains in Machakos Until mid-May

Machakos County Director of Meteorological Services, Dominic Kyalo, has issued a caution predicting continued heavy rains in Machakos until the second week of May.

According to Kyalo, significant rainfall is anticipated across most parts of the county, with a gradual decline expected in mid-May.

The director highlighted concerns over potential flooding as a consequence of these rains and urged residents to prioritize safety measures to prevent casualties and property damage.

“Residents residing along the Athi and Tana River basins, particularly in Matungulu, Ndithini, and Masinga, should be vigilant for potential floods. It’s advisable to relocate to higher ground if feasible,” Kyalo advised.

Kyalo further cautioned against crossing swollen rivers and emphasized the hazards posed by fully saturated dams due to the relentless downpour.

“Reports of structural collapses and infrastructure damage in Muthesya and Mumbuni areas have surfaced due to the intense rains, underscoring the need for heightened vigilance among residents,” Kyalo emphasized during his briefing with the Kenya News Agency.

Residents were also warned about the increased likelihood of lightning and thunderstorms accompanying these heavy rains. Kyalo urged individuals to avoid seeking shelter under trees or in unstable structures during stormy conditions.

The Meteorological Services director stressed the importance of preparedness and urged continuous monitoring of local weather updates and alerts as the rainy season progresses. Residents are encouraged to prioritize safety measures and heed official advisories to mitigate risks associated with the ongoing heavy rainfall.

This week, Kenya Red Cross enlisted Machakos among the counties affected by the ongoing heavy rains. Missed the story? check it out below;

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