We will not accept Wavinya to be given a direct ticket, lets go for nominations – Makau to Kalonzo

Mavoko MP Patrick Makau has said that Wavinya Ndeti shouldn’t be issued a direct ticket, saying that it is only through nominations,that they will get to know who is the most popular candidate.

“Wiper party should give us the aspirants free and fair nominations. We will not accept someone to be given a direct ticket. My opponent is saying she already has the ticket.” Makau said.

“Kalonzo we love you. We thank you for joining Raila in Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance. That is good and Kenya needs to be a peaceful and united country. We ask him in Wiper to show democracy in this seat and the rest. People should have free and fair nominations. As Machakos people, we ask Wiper to do free and fair nominations.” He added.

Makau promised not to fail Wiper Party if by any chance he will be issued the Wiper ticket to run for Machakos Gubernatorial Seat.

“I have been in Wiper all those years since the party was born, I don’t want any favors, let’s go for free and fair nominations using party list or universal suffrage. The people of Machakos I know you are ready to show that you support me.” Makau went on.

Makau questioned Wavinya Ndeti on why she is fearing nominations, telling her to get prepared for a tough battle, during the nominations.

“I don’t see how a party leader who is God-fearing and democratic can agree to give the ticket directly. Wavinya my sister, why are you fearing Wiper Nominations? We cant give a ticket to someone because she says she has vied severally or she has 300,000 votes. All that is okay, if you are popular let’s go to the nominations and see those 300,000 people vote for you. If you win the nominations, I will support you. “Makau went on.

Wiper Party Nominations are set to be held from 13th April 2022. Efforts by Kalonzo to broker a truce between Wavinya and Makau have not succeeded. This is despite several meetings held last month to reach a consensus.

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