Maanzo assures wiper aspirants of fair nominations trashes claims that some candidates have tickets

Wiper deputy secretary General Daniel Maanzo has trashed claims by some politicians that the party has already issued tickets to some people even before the nominations in April.

Speaking at Wote town, Maanzo said that the party will conduct free and fair primaries and winners will be handed the party ticket. He called upon aspirants wishing to vie using the Wiper Party ticket not to have any fears.

“I want to say that the Wiper party will conduct free and fair nominations. According to the law that was passed recently, only those registered as members of the party will take part in the primaries,” Maanzo said.

“Every polling station will have a list from the registrar of political parties. Due to this, it will be very easy to know how the votes were cast and there will be no room for rigging nor allowing anyone to vote twice. Aspirants should be patient and wait for nominations because the person who carries the day will get the ticket,” he added.

The second term lawmaker claimed that any politician claiming to already have the certificate in his pocket is a liar. He said such people should be called out and removed for tarnishing the party image.

In 2017 the Wiper party nominations didn’t go down well in some areas and the party found itself on the receiving end. In Kangundo, Matungulu and Mavoko constituencies the incumbents were given the party tickets and no primaries were held despite having candidates wishing to vie with the ticket.

A spot check conducted by established that some political newbies are afraid of going for Wiper nominations fearing they won’t be free and fair.

“I would rather vie as an independent instead of wasting my money then get shortchanged at the primaries,” an aspirant from Machakos told Mauvoo News.

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