Wavinya warns locals on paying for County Services in cash

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has asked locals to avoid paying in cash for county government services.

While speaking in Katwii, Kangundo sub-county, Wavinya said that any county officer requesting cash from locals intends to steal from the government.

She noted that locals should report any officer asking for cash instead of paying through the Till numbers given by the government.

“If you see someone asking for cash that is someone intending to steal from the county government and if you accept to give them cash you will be collaborating with them to steal your money,” she said.¬†

Wavinya disclosed that with the measures her government has put in place, she has been able to seal many of the loopholes that saw county revenue disappear.

Her statement was confirmed by the Finance CECM Onesmus Kuyu who noted that every financial year there is an increase in tax collection.

“If we compare this government and the previous regime you will notice that we are far ahead in tax collection. At a time like this Mutua’s government had collected 568 million while our government is at 826 million shillings,” said Kuyu.

Wavinya also confirmed that her government will ensure that the requests given by the locals during the public participation will be fulfilled.

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