Ukambani leaders meeting ruffles Governor

Over the weekend, Matungulu MP Stephen Mule hosted leaders from the Ukambani region who had come to see his sick mother.

The legislators flocked to his home in the Katangini area and spent the whole day and in attendance were also several MCAs.

However, while the meeting was ongoing series of calls were being made by one sitting Governor to those present to know why they had met.

Those who received the calls told Mauvoo News that the said Governor wanted to know why Mule had met the lawmakers and what was being spoken about.

According to Mule, the meetings are to discuss matters to do with Kamba unity and how development will reach the people.

He said that the meetings would be rotational in a bid to bring warmth, coordination, and consistency.

It is not clear why the governor felt insecure about the meeting but sources close indicated that they presumed the meeting was to bring down their Government.

None of the Ukambani Governors attended the meeting.

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