The day Governor Mutula Jnr predicted Azimio’s defeat in August polls

Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior Predicted that Azimio La Umoja coalition would lose the August 2022 Polls.

On the 21st of February 2022, Mutula – the then Makueni Senator said that Azimio la Umoja was formed to ensure that DP Ruto doesn’t become president and that they were going to lose terribly.

Mutula also stated that Kalonzo had been promised to be given the Speaker position or Chief Minister had Azimio formed government since Raila’s Deputy was from Mt. Kenya.

However, Mutula revealed that he advised Kalonzo to refuse that because the National Assembly Speaker will be determined by the party that gets the most seats, and the Chief Minister position was not existent then.

“There is a possibility that Ruto might lose but get the most number of MPs in parliament just like Kibaki had a few MPs. The Speaker will be determined by those who will have the majority of members and we told Kalonzo to forget about that. Raila and Uhuru are pushing something that they know will fail. The problem is central Kenya people, they are not willing to back Raila,” Mutula in the interview then said.


“I am used to being branded as Ruto’s secret ally because even when I and Senator Kiio were championing for revenue sharing formula they said that we secretly visit Ruto’s place but we were rallying behind our community. When you don’t support Raila, they automatically conclude you supporting Ruto and that can’t be possible because Ruto has done bad things to me that I can’t say here.” He added.

7 Months later, Mutula’s prediction materialized and DP Ruto also had the majority in parliament.

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