Senator Mutula accuses Kibwana of Plotting his impeachment after he is elected Governor in August

A past photo of Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr. (Photo -Courtesy)

Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior has alleged that there are plans by Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana to sabotage his government when he becomes the next Governor of Makueni.

Mutula Jnr alleged that Kibwana wants to lure residents to support MCAs who are his close allies to be elected so that they can oust him if he is voted as the Governor of Makueni after the August general elections.

The senator called upon the residents to choose Members of County Assemblies who will work and deliver development to them. Addressing the residents of Kambu in Kibwezi East, Mutula hit out at Kibwana over the plans saying that was uncalled for from a leader like him.

“I have not even come to Kambu and Makueni to campaign and there is someone who has already started hatching plans on how to impeach me after I become the Governor. He is looking for people who will get to the assembly and push a motion to kick me out,” The senator said.

He cautioned the residents that if they want him to serve the people diligently they should choose able and qualified Members of the County Assembly who will be united together to work for the Makueni people.

“Don’t give me a seat and then elect people who will not work with me. It’s better you don’t vote for me because I want people who will have the will to do good to our people,” he added.

He also dismissed claims that Kibwezi East MP Patrick Musimba will give him a run for his money if he will vie for the Gubernatorial seat arguing that he won’t fear the politics of handouts. He also stated that Musimba who will vie as an independent candidate has no track record and has never spoken in parliament.

Makueni Member of Parliament Daniel Maanzo also echoed the words of Mutula Jnr telling the residents to vote for MCAs who will go to the county assembly and fight for the interests of the people and not personal interests.

“The sole target of our Governor Kibwana is to derail Mutula Jnr development and ensure that he won’t work well for the people of Makueni when he becomes the governor, planning to impeach him within three months. Is it what you vote for your MCAs? Kindly vote for leaders who will represent your interests at the assembly and not planning to impeach the Governor,” Maanzo said.

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