Teary Justina Syokau apologizes to Pastor Ezekiel and Andrew Kibe, after misfortunes

Renowned gospel singer Justina Syokau has come out to apologize to Pastor Ezekiel Odero, Eric Omondi, Kenyan Women working in the Gulf, and blogger Andrew Kibe.

In a video posted on Facebook, Justina noted that since he crossed the lines of the celebrities her life took a nose dive.

She noted that the past months have been hectic for her and getting a job or money has been hard.

Justina that she picked a fight with them because of their sentiments that didn’t augur well with her.

“I hope this video reaches Andrew Kibe, there is a time I abused him thoroughly. At that time he was abusing people in Kenya and I said that he has a sugar mummy who is keeping him in the United States, I am really sorry and ask that he forgives me,” Justina said.

“As for Pastor Ezekiel I am sorry but to be honest I was offended by your remarks that single mothers don’t have a ‘star’ for marriage and now I think what you said is true, please forgive me, my life has not been okay, I have lost endorsements and my kid has been sick since January please pray for him,” she added.

The ‘Twendi Twendi hitmaker also apologized to Comedian Eric Omondi and Kenyan women working in the Gulf for calling them prostitutes.

Her video attracted a lot of reactions from fans who wondered whether the apology was genuine or she was just seeking attention.

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