Justina Syokau: How Pastor Ezekiel hurt me

Controversial Gospel artist Justina Syokau has weighed on the issues affecting Pastor Ezekiel Odero.

In a video posted on her Facebook Page, Syokau said that she loved Pastor Ezekiel but there were things about him that she does not agree with.

The singer noted that she follows his programs and crusades but she felt attacked when the preacher claimed that single mothers are a curse.

“I can say that I love pastor Ezekiel so much and Kenyans love him too, when you see his videos you can not afford to scroll by but there is something that he said which made me feel bad considering I am saved. He claims being a single mother is a curse and I don’t agree with him,” said Syokau.

“Does he mean women like me who had marriages, had big weddings in a church, and in the end we were chased away are cursed too?” she wondered.

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Pastor Ezekiel was arrested on Thursday in connection with the happenings of Shakahola where more than a hundred bodies were found buried in shallow graves.

The police said that Ezekiel has a connection with Pastor Paul Mackenzie the mastermind behind the ‘fast to death’ saga.

Concerning Pastor Paul Mackenzie Justina said the preacher should be hanged for teaching his congregants things that are contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

“Jesus said he is going to prepare a place for us and he will be back, he did not tell us to go fasting till death in a forest,” she said.

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