Students arrested over Kyatune Boys dormitory Fire

Police in Mutomo, Kitui South have arrested 5 students from Kyatune High School in connection with the fire that broke out in one of the dormitories Monday morning.

The 5 were arrested and put in custody by police and officers from the Department of Criminal Investigations after investigations were launched over the cause of the fire.

On Monday at 5.30 am, a fire broke out in one of the dormitories in the school and it burnt to ashes with the belongings of hundreds of students.

During the incident, all students were in their classes for morning preps and no student was injured. According to Kyatune chief, they suspected that the students might have started the fire.

The chief urged the learners to ensure that when they have something that they want to air out to the administration they use the right channel but not go to the extremes.

The 5 are set to appear in court after sleuths finish investigations. The school has been closed indefinitely to allow investigations to continue.

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