Kitui: Kyatune Boys Dormitory burns to ashes in morning fire

Kyatune Boys High School Dormitory was burnt to ashes Monday morning. The school is located in Mutomo, Kitui South.

Confirming the incident Kyatune Location Chief Sly Kyambati King’oundu said that the dormitory hosts more than 100 boys and everything that was in the dormitory burnt to ashes.

Chief Sly revealed that no student was hurt during the fire breakout as all the students were in their morning preps but their belongings were burned.

“I have gone to the school after I got reports that the school’s dormitory was on fire. I suspect the boys are the ones who set the dormitory on fire because the fire broke out after all of them were in class,” said Chief Sly.

“There was no student hurt but we did not manage to salvage anything as everything was burnt to ashes, we have put out the fire. The students have lost their personal belongings,” he added.

He further went on to caution students to be using the right channel to air out their issues rather than taking drastic measures that will eventually bring a lot of damage.

“I urge students rather than going to such lengths and bringing damage to schools let them develop a culture of airing out their issues amicably and diplomatically,” The chief went on.

Police have launched investigations to determine the cause of the fire.

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