Stella Mengele to vet her dancers’ girlfriends

Kamba Gospel Artist Stella Mengele has told her dancers that she will have to vet their fiancees before marriage.

In a video shared on her Facebook page, Mengele is heard telling his dancers that the world has changed and they don’t just need to marry but marry the right person.

Mengele said this after discussing with them the incident where a Kitengela woman killed her own child.

Nimekuwa nkisema muoe lakini saa hii ni rule before muoe itabidi mlete wasichana nikague,kwa sababu watu wako na instability ya akili,”Stella said.

She urged them to look for the right people with sane minds so that they don’t pull something that may scar them for life.

“Be very careful, you may be dating a psycho, know the person you are in a relationship with, the person you are having sex with so that you don’t invite a mentally unstable person into your private place and then one day they give you the shock of your life,” The singer advised them.

“Even if you are in love please activate your brain the whole time and get to know someone. Don’t just move in after two months of dating because these are the end times where people think of themselves before others,” she noted.

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