Stella Mengele defends Syombua Osiany’s husband from Aoko’s attacks

Gospel Artist Stella Mengele has come out to defend former CAS and husband to journalist  Syombua Osiany from vicious Twitter pundit Maverick Aoko.

Aoko had claimed that Osiany cheated on his wife with her during the COVID-19 period.

Mengele in a Facebook post said that what two adults did together in secret should not be thrown to the public when things get ugly.

The singer said that many families and children are mentally harmed because of social media attacks and exposès.

So now that y’all are side-chatting me on this my shemeji unverified news lemme say this clearly! Hizi social media attacks zimekuwa too much,” Mengele said.

Yaani kuna boma na watoto wameumizwa na crap ya watu walipatana wakiwa wazima wakakuwa marafiki kisiri na siku moja mmoja anaamua kuanika mwenzake without considering bibi/bwana, watoto, colleagues, parents and careers shuwally. Kama ulikuja kisiri ukakulwa kisiri toka kisiri pliis,” she added.

Mengele urged people to treat claims made by Aoko as rumors because no one was present to witness what happened between them.

She added that Luo men are meant to have many women unless he is saved and committed to one woman.

The singer also urged people to avoid tagging wives in dramas involving their husbands yet they may not be in the know.

“A Luo man is a walking Kingdom with many institutions that must be managed by several Queens. Mjaluo akiokoka ndio tu anaamua kupatia power mwanamke mmoja. Akiamua Devolution itambe, hakuna kitu utafanya. Power to the people.”Stella went on.

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