Stella Mengele responds to breakup rumors

Gospel Singer Stella Mengele has responded to rumors that she allegedly divorced her Luo husband.

Speaking during an interview with a Kamba Radio Station, Stella revealed that there was pressure from some people on social media who wanted her to unveil his husband to the public. She said that she would continue keeping her husband private and no kind of pressure would amount to him exposing her family.

“You will never see my husband even if you tell me that I left him. There was one girl who came and told me that my husband wanted to sleep with her but she refused. I asked the girl why she didn’t sleep with him and it was evident that he already slept with me since I had his children, The girl told me that my husband was not good but I told her to go and deal with him without engaging me,” Stella stated.

Stella added that she has no time to engage with people whose aim is to destroy other people’s marriages and speak bad things about them.

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“My work is to take care of my husband when he comes to the house, cook for him, see whether his clothes are in order, give him peace, sleep together, and go out to work for our children. We can’t sit down and discuss other people’s affairs, we talk our matters,” Stella affirmed.

Stella Mengele also pointed out that she will continue keeping privacy in their family and she will never expose his husband even if they have any disagreement.

“Nothing will come between me and my husband, I won’t allow anything between us. I won’t show you, my husband, keep talking and you will keep quiet one day. Those who want to say I left him let them say that, do I even look like someone who is not taken care of by his husband?”, she posed.

Stella Mengele’s response comes after rumors that she left his husband to stay alone in Nairobi. However, the gospel artist revealed that she lives in Nairobi because that’s where she was assigned by the County Government of Siaya to work.

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