Ruto Reacts to Ngilu’s Social Media attacks, Reveals how he’ll Deal with her

Deputy President William Ruto embarked on his tour in Kitui county on Tuesday. While addressing the residents of Kitui town, Ruto pointed out that Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has been insulting him on social media and during rallies.

However, Ruto stated that he has never responded to any of her insults and questioned when she works for the people of Kitui because most of the time she is busy updating her social media with attacks targeting Ruto.

“You know this woman of your county has been abusing me and I don’t know when she works for the people of Kitui because she is on Twitter 24/7 abusing Ruto and have never answered her,” Ruto said.

In a twist of events, A youth leader allied to Ngilu Moses stood up to caution DP Ruto not to engage Governor Ngilu any other time.

“Let me not hear you responding to Mama Ngilu, let her come to engage me and not you, Ngilu ajibizane na Mose ” Moses said.

Moses also declared his support for DP Ruto and lamented that Governor Ngilu had betrayed the youth saying, “We always hear her insulting DP Ruto and we wonder what is wrong with her and from today I want you to give me the job of responding to her whenever she attacks you,” Moses added.

Ruto responded to Moses saying that Governor Ngilu will now be dealing with Mose and not him (Ruto).

“Mama Ngilu stop talking about Ruto on your Twitter, I will hand you over to Mose who will be engaging you,” Ruto said.

Ruto promised the people of Kitui that he will solve the problem of water which has affected the area for a long time and he is ready to engage with leaders from Kitui to solve food insecurity in Kitui.

The Relationship between Kitui Governor and Deputy President Ruto seems to be worsening day in day out. Last year, Ngilu confessed that she switches off her Television whenever Ruto is speaking. Missed the story? Check it out below;

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