Ngilu: I switch off the TV whenever Ruto is Speaking

Kitui Governor charity Ngilu speaking during Azimio La Umoja in wote. (Credit - cmn)

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu has laid bare her disdain for Deputy President William Ruto. The governor noted that she can’t stand looking at Ruto while he talks on TV and she would rather switch it off.

Speaking in Makueni during the Azimio La Umoja meeting, Ngilu said that Ruto was lying to the youths with his wheelbarrow narrative adding that Ruto has been pulling president Uhuru in his quest of taking the country forward.

“I can’t stand him, if I see him talking on TV I switch it off. I supported President Kenyatta but the person he chose is pulling him back. How can you tell me this person doesn’t know the difference between a wheelbarrow and a laptop, can someone who knows the difference show him,” she said.

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“I am speaking with confidence that when he got in government, the 50 percent he got of positions he didn’t choose anyone from Ukambani to any position,” she added.

Ngilu noted that Uhuru wanted someone he can work with that is why he chose to have a handshake with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

She alleged that the Ministries that were led by Ruto are not doing well giving an example of the Ministry of roads and Agriculture.

Ngilu noted there is no way Ruto can make it to the presidency accusing him accused him of looting public funds.

Last month, while in Kitui Ngilu made a prayer asking God to do away with Ruto for he has been troublesome for the country.

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