Rising gubernatorial ambition as Mwangangi throws hat in the ring

Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Mwaangangi has made clear his intentions to take after his boss Wavinya Ndeti.

Recently the county’s second in command has been putting across the message that his eyes are set on the county’s top seat.

Mwangangi noted that Wavinya Ndeti seeks to hold the position for ten years if Machakos residents allow it by voting for her again.

Then in 2032, Mwangangi will vie for the position hoping to have made a lasting impact enough to win the hearts of the people.

“Mama is not going anyway until 2032 and then in 2032 who said I’m not fit for the position, or what do you say, my people,” he said during the public participation.

Although his dreams are valid the big question is whether will he last in the political stage till 2032 and also what if Wavinya is not re-elected. 

This is because the Machakos gubernatorial race is not a walk in the park but a battle of titans only the strong to survive. Winning depends on various things like party affiliation, money, political muscle among other things.

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