Makueni: Mutula Jnr Calls for Arrest of Scrap Metal Trader

In a dramatic turn of events, Governor Mutula Kilonzo Jnr of Makueni County has directed the police to apprehend a scrap metal trader operating in Kathoka Market.

The governor, while inaugurating a solar system project at Kwambila Dam, accused the trader of being involved in the theft of metals from vandalized government projects.

Addressing the gathered audience during the project’s opening ceremony, Governor Kilonzo expressed his determination to put an end to what he believes is a longstanding issue. He asserted, “I told him to vacate Makueni, and he went and came back. He is the one stealing metals, and we must put a stop to it.”

The governor did not mince words as he laid out the alleged activities of the scrap metal trader, claiming that the stolen materials included vital components from government projects. Further, the governor accused the trader of employing street kids to carry out these illicit activities, specifically targeting streetlight masts.

“I am certain that the scrap metals traded by this individual are directly linked to the vandalism of crucial government installations,” Mutula went on.

In his fervent call to action, the governor directed law enforcement to arrest the trader, urging them to press charges related to the theft of government property. Additionally, he proposed stringent measures, including the revocation of the trader’s license and the possibility of confiscating his land.

The accused scrap metal trader, whose identity has not been disclosed at this time, now faces a legal battle as authorities act on the governor’s directives.

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