Makueni must be ICT driven, comply or else… – Mutula to county staff

Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior has informed Makueni county employees that the county must be ICT-driven going forward.

Speaking during the swearing-in of the new CECs, The Governor said they want revenue collection, fleet management, and all county functions to be automized.

“CEC ICT, we want a Makueni that is ICT driven. At the touch of a button, we want to know what is happening in Mtito Andei, at the touch of a button we want to know where our ambulances are, at the touch of a button we want to know how much Emali is collecting every day.”

“Anyone who is not compliant, please go back to school and we will fight when you refuse. It is me who is in charge and you don’t want me to practice law on you.” The Governor went on.

The Governor also revealed that they will be distributing seeds worth over 150 million once the County Assembly passes the supplementary budget.

Mutula asked the CECs to work closely and coordinate with the National Government under the one Government approach. He also challenged the leaders not to drop the ball as everyone was looking at the success of devolution in Makueni.

Elizabeth Ndunge Muli the CEC ICT, Education, and Internship during vetting promised to automate and use innovation in the county which mostly has manual operations by use of e-administration.

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