Renown author and African spiritualism believer – Who is David Maillu

David Maillu is a renown author who describes himself as the President of African Spiritualism. He recently held a public lecture on witchcraft, in which he called upon science to embrace witchcraft.

Teachings on African spiritualism by internationally celebrated author Dr. David Maillu continue to stir controversy.

David Gian Maillu was born in Kilungu, Makueni County on October 19th 1939. He joined school at the age of 12 years at a Salvation Army School known as Machakos Technical School.

In 1954, he sat for a colonial national exam referred to as Competitive Entrance Examination. He went on with his primary school education and four years later, he completed his primary studies after passing what was called the Kenya African Preliminary Examination.

He then studied privately for his ordinary-level examination through the British Tutorial College, a correspondence college, and later sat for what was called the Cambridge School Certificate. Maillu used the same correspondence institute to study for his advanced-level examinations. It was during this time that he also studied African philosophy, music, and fine art.

His skills in fine art earned him a graphic design job at the newly established Voice of Kenya in 1964. After working for a year, Maillu thought of quitting the job because he was not paid well. However, in 1974, he quit Voice of Kenya after the success of his first published book, Unit for Consumption.

Dr. Maillu has written over 80 books, including the famous After 4.30, the publication that rocketed him to become the most widely read, humorous, and controversial writer in East Africa.

Maillu wed his wife Hannelore Maillu, a German on January 1970. Together, they have a daughter Elizabeth Kavuli.

Wasya wa Syokimau, My Dear Bottle, For Mbatha and Rabeka, Broken Drum, and TamTam’s Adventure are some of the literary works written by Dr. Maillu. The stories are told in African traditional, captivating, and humorous styles, giving a reader a refreshing and entertaining read.

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