Presenter Musungu Kyumbe dismisses claims he is dead

Mbaitu FM presenter Jimmy Malombe alias Musungu Kyumbe has trashed claims that he is dead.

Taking his Facebook Page, Musungu confirmed he was alive and well and called upon his fans to be calm.

He noted that the claims about his death were being spread by haters on social media.

“Hi my good friends hope mumevuka mwaka vyema, Soo sorry for that sad news that I am no longer alive, Mimi nipo Tena mzima hapa umoja na nashkuru, mahasidi poleni,” Musungu in the post said.

Musungu who has been ailing for some time and undergoing dialysis has been updating his followers on his recovery journey through his social media. He developed a skin infection on his face due to the dialysis and doctors advised he undergoes radiotherapy to treat the same.

Apparently, some people were confusing him with a Kitui blogger Ben Mzungu who died Ben hailed from Kangweni and worked for Kiliviti FM before his death.

Reports about the cause of Mzungu’s death are not clear to the media. His friends and fans expressed their shock after learning about his death.

Below are some reactions by Musungu Kyumbe’s fans to his announcement;

Gloria Nzisa said, “With Long life, God shall satisfy you, my brother. Happy new year.”

Bernice Musyoki said, “Jimmy….let mathethi be defeated in Jesus Might name…..restoration of ur health is back….in Jesus’ name.”

Rozzinah Kanini said,”Why shud anyone at their right senses share unverified information?? Death is soo painful to wish even your worst enemy…pole sana Musungu…Happy new yr 2023.”

Siz Lizzie said, Happy New year Musungu,you shall live long to proclaim the goodness of the living God. I wish you long healthy and wealthy life this year.”

Fredinah Ndina added, “You are a fighter, a warrior and you will live to testify of the Greatest of our Lord Jesus Christ in the land of the living. Let’s keep our faith in the Lord bro. We shall overcome. Such a bad rumor!”

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