Nzioka Waita and Wavinya Ndeti in a Fierce Twitter exchange

Machakos Gubernatorial candidate Nzioka Waita of CCU and Wavinya Ndeti of Wiper party were involved in a Twitter brawl Tuesday evening.

It all began after Machakos Deputy Governor and Maendeleo chap chap Gubernatorial candidate Francis Maliti endorsed Wavinya Ndeti.

Waita then took to Twitter to tell off Wavinya and Maliti saying, “I want to congratulate Wavinya and Maliti for coming together..birds of a feather. As they celebrate, MACHAKOS Level 5 Hospital IS IN TURMOIL, with NO electricity, bodies rotting in the morgue, life support machines off, and countless patients at risk. That is the legacy of Mutua & Maliti.”

Wavinya in a quick rejoinder answered saying, “I outsmarted you. As you were courting the running mate, I snatched her boss. Hii ni LIGI SOO. Ukichengwa tulia.”

The Tweet;

2 hours later, Waita send another Tweet with a photo of Wavinya and Maliti captioned ‘Corruption meets incompetence!’.

Wavinya in response said, “Your running mate Florence Mwangangi who is the Speaker of the County Assembly is part of the rot in Machakos, she failed to OVERSIGHT performance of the County Executive. Further, there are countless audit queries at the County Assembly where she is the head. Rotten to the core!”


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