Ndeke ya Muthanga: My life is in danger

Kamba gospel artist Ken Kijana ‘Ndeke ya Muthanga’ has revealed that he is now living in fear for his life because some people have been threatening him.

In a viral TikTok video, Ndeke said that there are hatched plans by some of the gospel artists who have been threatening him that they will do away with him.

Ndeke says that some of the gospel artists are jealous of him after getting a job at Ukombozi TV.

“I don’t know what people want from me, when I get a job they start attacking me. Now that I have a good-paying job on Ukombozi TV and the owner told me that I will do wonders on his TV, some people are now jealous of my positive progress,” Ndeke lamented.

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He pointed out that some gospel artists are trying all means to silence him and ensure that he won’t have a live TV show since he might shine more than them.

“Some gospel artists went on and planned that they would hire people to wait for me and injure me to a point that I can’t dance the way I usually do because my fans love me most due to my dancing skills. I thought it was a joke until one of the gospel artists called me while insulting me when someone asked me live on TikTok whether I would attend the wedding of Sugar Mummy. I asked the fans who is Sugar Mummy since I don’t know him, “he added.

Ken Kijana said that his life was in danger because the gospel artist told him that they would deal with him mercilessly. He also alleged that it was the same gospel artist who told him that they would use ‘Mungiki’ to silence him.

“I request you to pray for me because my life is in danger since there are people planning to send Mungiki to kill me. I even have the audio of them threatening me,” Ken Kijana remarked.

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