Morris Football Tournament Set to Kick Off

The Morris Football Tournament, a highly anticipated event in the local sports calendar, is set to commence on the 24th of April 2024 at Kiukuni Primary School, Musengo Location.

The tournament promises thrilling matches over four action-packed days, concluding on the 27th of April.

The tournament will feature several prominent teams including Kiukuni FC, Mwatate FC, Kyambiwa FC, Ndivuni FC, Mamba FC, Musengo FC, Kaumoni FC, and Kitooni FC. These teams will battle it out for the prestigious title and cash prize and Awards.

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The tournament will offer a reward of 30,000 to the winners, 20,000 to the Runners-Up, 10,000 to the 2nd Runners-Up: 8,000 to Active Participation, and 200 per goal to the Top Scorer.

Adding to the excitement, the tournament welcomes guest team Power FC from Nairobi, enhancing the competitive spirit and showcasing diverse talent.

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