Makueni: Catholic Church Bans Sunday Football

Father Nicholas Mbondi of the Catholic Diocese of Makueni has banned all Sunday sporting activities across the county, citing concerns over religious observance and the need to uphold the sanctity of the Sabbath.

Father Mbondi expressed frustration that certain sporting events, particularly football matches, had increasingly been scheduled on Sundays rather than Saturdays. He emphasized that Sunday holds significant religious importance for many Christians.

“The situation has reached a critical point where some youths are equating football with religion,” Father Mbondi remarked during his sermon in Wote.

He highlighted concerns about the moral direction of the county’s youth, emphasizing the importance of instilling spiritual values and teaching about God on Sundays.

Father Mbondi called upon the County Government officials present to support the church’s campaign to enforce the ban on Sunday sporting activities. He stressed that the church would not relent until its goal was achieved and warned of potential repercussions, including the loss of choir members and faithful parishioners if the ban was not promptly implemented.

This move by the Catholic Diocese of Makueni has sparked debate and reaction within the community, particularly among sports enthusiasts and those who view Sunday sports as a recreational outlet.

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