Kasolo in trouble over comments on Ndeke ya Muthanga’s New Show

Kamba gospel artist Stephen Kasolo got in trouble after sending a cryptic message concerning Ndeke ya Muthanga’s new show on Ukombozi TV.

He claimed that Ken Kijana’s show was only being watched by 300 people live on Facebook. “The guy tried but he was being watched by 300 people, Ngumbau TV is the place,” Kasolo said.

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However, his post didn’t go well with his followers who criticized him for always trying to pull down others instead of encouraging them to be better. Others said he is afraid that Ken Kijana might outshine him especially since he left Ngumbau TV and has now started doing a live show on Ukombozi TV.

Below are some of the reactions;

Sammy Junior said, “As long as you were among the 300 no problem with that.”

Eunice Alphonse said,” It seems you want competition from him. It is better to start from somewhere going up the ladder.”

Muthui Major said,” His employer is not complaining. Run your race and let others be. You can’t be following someone up and down just to mock him and you ain’t ready to help him. That shows you have bad intentions towards him yet he is not bothered with your moves. It is you who keeps following him, just change your wicked ways and stop being jealous.
Wilfred Musyoki: He’ll grow from there. The beginning is usually small.”

Bencarson Matheka said, “I don’t know what is your problem, sometimes I wonder are you born again? And is this the gospel pastors preach to you, why behave like a kid surely having such jealousy? May God have mercy on you.”

Elijah Thomas said,” Kasolo what you fear you attract! You are just fearing that Ndeke might bring competition to you. Keep calm.”

Christine Maweu said,” Kasolo has no issue with Ndeke, he just wants your comments, nothing more.”

Highly Favor Jane added,” Is it a race? Learn to lift others like the way Bisengo does. You’re from my home but you’re always jealous. Lower your pride because whoever lifted you there will also lift others.”

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