Mwingi MCA Faults Kitui Public Service Board for not Giving Equal Opportunity to Mwingi People

Mwingi Central MCA Mary Kanini Philip popularly known as Philima has revealed that she wasn’t contended with the recruitment of workers by the County Public Service Board.

Philima claimed that residents from her Mwingi central ward and neighboring wards were not given priority during the recruitment yet they had applied for the advertised jobs thus it is a neglect of the Mwingi wards.

She also issued a statement at the County Assembly concerning the employment of staff where she feels her residents were neglected.

“In our area we are seeing new faces like the reinforcement officers and revenue officers and when you look at the people they are not known to us. When you ask them where they come from, they are adamant to answer and they seem to hide some information from us,” she alleged.

Addressing the media outside the County Assembly of Kitui, she lamented that the residents have been claiming that she knows where the people come from yet she is not aware of where they come from and thus they feel that Larger Mwingi has been isolated and there is need to scrutinize how they ended up being employed yet there are people coming from the area who are qualified.

“I told the people that I’ll come and issue a statement at the County Assembly for the committee of labor and social welfare to take action and go to the office of the Governor and know how the people employed got the job and the sub-counties they come from since our people from Mwingi applied for the jobs and were qualified yet they were not employed. We have our youths who need jobs and are ready to work,” Philima went on.

She called upon the County Public Service Board to give equal opportunities to all the people of Kitui county without segregation.

“We want to see our people being given jobs instead of favoring other areas and we want fairness in our county for us to have an equal distribution of resources,” she added.

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