Mwingi: Man commits suicide after slashing brother to death

A 32-year-old man from Muliluni in Mwingi west sub-county of Kitui county on Friday attacked his 24-year-old brother with a Panga and killed him.

The man identified as Benjamin Ngumbau then proceeded to commit suicide.

According to neighbors, the two have been having wrangles concerning land.

“The man who killed his brother parted ways with his wife long ago and has been having issues with his brother concerning their land. He slashed his brother on the head as he was working on the farm,” said Musili Kimanzi a neighbor.

The man who was attacked by a Panga died while receiving treatment at Mwingi level 4 hospital.

After committing the act the man ran away as villagers bayed for his blood.

Later his body was found hanging from the roof of his house.

“We rushed to the hospital where the other man was receiving treatment. He had deep cuts on the head and one of his hands had been broken. As we waited for him to be attended to we were notified that the attacker had been found dead in his house, he had hanged himself using an electric cable, we left and came and called the police who took the body,” said another neighbor.

The bodies of the two brothers were moved to the same hospital mortuary for preservation awaiting burial.

Locals were urged to seek professional help when dealing with land issues instead of resorting to violence.

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