Man commits suicide after wife left him in Mwingi

The body of a middle-aged man was found dangling from the roof of his rented house in Mwingi town, Kitui county.

The man identified as Joshua Tangu was a Boda Boda operator and had an altercation with his wife on Wednesday before she packed and left for her parent’s home.

A neighbor told the press that the man hanged himself in the morning hours.

“At around 7 am we heard noises coming from his house and on checking through the window we saw him dangling from the roof. We tried breaking the door with a hammer in vain,” narrated David Maluki, a neighbor.

“He moved here about six months ago, he was a calm man and a good neighbor, and the only issue was with his wife. I don’t know what was the cause of their fight but it was not good,” added the neighbor.

His body was taken by police to Mwingi Level 4 hospital mortuary for preservation awaiting burial arrangements.

The incident comes just two days after a Form two girl at Itoloni Girls committed suicide with a Leso at her grandmother’s house in Kavuoni.

According to a suicide note left behind by the girl, she had not done her homework and was afraid of being punished by the teacher.

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