Mwangangi drops bombshell to Wiper MPs ‘fighting’ Governor Wavinya

Machakos Deputy Governor Francis Mwangangi has come out to defend his boss Governor Wavinya Ndeti against Wiper lawmakers who have been ‘fighting her’.

Speaking in Yatta, Mwangangi noted that the lawmakers led by Mavoko Member of Parliament Patrick Makau are misled to pick fights with the county boss.

He observed that it was despicable for the MPs to fight a governor with whom they are together in the same party.

He noted that if they feel Wavinya has not discharged her duties as expected they should report her to the National Executive Committee in the party rather than picking fights in the public.

“If there are issues that they are not happy with they should report to the NEC and not drag Wavinya’s name in the mud, I have never seen an ODM governor being fought by ODM lawmakers, If we are in the same house let us work together,” said the raging Mwangangi.

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According to him, the intra-house fights in Wiper were like putting a hole in a boat that they were in.

Mwangangi urged the MPs to cease their attacks and focus on conflict resolution for the sake of Machakos residents.

However, he warned that if they continue with the fights and early 2027 politics the county government will be forced to support their(MPs) opponents if the fight persists.

“We will be giving them a taste of their own medicine because we can’t sit and watch as they bicker about the governor day in and day out. Let them be warned that we will not be taking things lightly, we will be coming to their constituencies and endorsing their opponents,”He added.

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