Mutuse: Azimio Leaders should pay for damages after protests

Kibwezi West MP Mwengi Mutuse has condemned the Azimio demonstrations that took place on Wednesday.

While addressing journalists, Mutuse insisted that the demos are uncalled for and have only brought losses of lives, and properties and a lack of peace.

He stressed the fact that leaders who have called for demos should be liable for every loss of property witnessed during the fracas.

The lawmaker said the Azimio demos are very different compared to what the constitution anticipates and urged the Kamba community to desist from partaking in them.

“There is a difference between peaceful demonstrations aimed at protesting for citizens’ rights and hooliganism, destruction, and robbery that has been witnessed in some parts of the country,” Mutuse said.

“Mbeere MP Geoffry Ruku brought a bill to parliament seeking to have leaders who organize for demos pay for the damages incurred and I support him. This is because we have seen public resources being destroyed which took years to build, you can’t fight to lower the cost of living and destroy property that will take years to build again,’ he added.

The legislator blamed Azimio for withdrawing from the talks with Kenya Kwanza in a bid to find a solution to the financial crisis.

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