Muthama speaks on ongoing happenings in Machakos County

Parliamentary Service Commission member Johnson Muthama has spoken on the ongoing happenings in Machakos County.

According to Muthama, he had no intention of intervening in what was currently going on as the people had rejected him on the ballot. He vowed to remain silent on Machakos politics. Muthama said he was focusing on his PSC role currently.

“I used to oversight Mutua and say ‘stop misusing the resources’. When I left who speaks nowadays? You will continue to be undressed. I knew what I said. You know there is nothing I ever took from the people of Matungulu. If I speak of the incident of undressing of the MCA I will be accused of politics. I will remain silent. Your trousers can be removed and you carry them on your head.”Muthama said.

Muthama added that despite the work he had done the people decided not to vote for him in 2022 and that meant to him they didn’t want him to speak on their behalf vowing to remain silent.

“God did well and gave me a commissioner job, I am among the top commissioners in this country. You decided to deny me votes despite all the good I had done. Just like Jesus was raised from the dead God also made commissioner in Parliament. Those who have been given leadership let them work. By failing to give me votes you told me you didn’t want me to defend you. I will remain silent.” He went on.

Muthama spoke at the burial of retired Chief Willingtone Ndawa in Wamani, Matungulu.

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