Musila speaks on his Defection from Wiper Days before Nominations

Former Kitui Senator and Jubilee Party Kitui Gubernatorial David Musila has revealed why he defected from Wiper ahead of the party nominations.

Addressing the residents of Migwani during his campaigns, Musila stated that he noticed the Wiper party was favoring specific aspirants and realized they had a plan to block him from contesting for the Kitui Governor’s seat.

“I noticed something wrong in Wiper Party, and I came to the people of Kitui to ask them what they wanted me to do. The people advised me to leave the Wiper Party. I tried begging the party officials. When I realized they were not willing to be fair to me, I defected from the party two days before party nominations because they wanted to block me so that I won’t come to help the people of Kitui,” Musila said.

Musila also warned Kalonzo against campaigning for only Wiper candidates during Azimio One Kenya rallies saying that Kalonzo is creating division in the coalition. Musila further noted that the residents are free to choose the leader they want instead of looking at the political parties they come from.

“There was Azimio rally here in Migwani, but the rally turned out to be a Wiper affair even when Governor Ngilu stood to speak, she was heckled. They had sent people to come and heckle those who are not from Wiper Party, and that’s why I opted not to attend the rallies,” the former Kitui senator stated.

Drumming support for his gubernatorial bid, Musila promised the residents that in his 90 days, when elected as the governor, he would make sure that he works to relieve the burdens the people of Kitui were carrying. He promised to work on eradicating the problems that the people are facing on health matters by ensuring that they have adequate drugs and finishing all stalled projects.

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