Auditor General puts Kaiti NG-CDF on the spot over 50 projects worth 61 million

The Auditor-General has put the Kaiti NG-CDF on the spot over 50 projects with an estimated cost of 61 million that have not been implemented despited funds being allocated. This is contained in the 2019/2020 Financial Year Audit report.

“A review of the projects implementation status for the year under audit revealed that, a total of 82,117,102 had been allocated for implementation of 74 projects. However, only 13 projects with a total cost of 11,400,000 were completed during the year while 11 projects with a total allocation of 9,100,000 were on-going. The remaining 50 projects with total estimated cost of 61,617,102 had not commenced. No satisfactory explanation was rendered for the delay in project implementation or measures which are in place to remedy the situation.” The Audit report read in part.

The report notes that it is not possible to confirm if and when value for money will be realized from the fifty projects to which 61,617,102 was allocated but had not been started.

Kaiti NG-CDF management was also put on the spot over unapproved expenditure on emergency projects.

“The statement of receipts and payments reflects payments totaling 53,722,466 relating to other grants and transfers out of which 13,346,250 was incurred on emergency projects. However, this amount exceeded the approved budget on emergency projects for the year of 7,197,241 resulting to un-approved expenditure of 6,149,009. In the circumstances, the Management was in breach of the law.” The Audit report went on.

The Auditor also puts on the spot procurement malpractises in some of the schools where The projects were paid for using cash while no competitive procurement process was undertaken despite amounts involved being above the thresholds for low value procurement. The schools include;


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